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3 pieces of advice to help me ACE contracts (or alteast get a passing grade!)

For all of you contract wizards, i hate contracts, but i hear that some people out there LOVE contracts. I do not know how this is possible, but I wish I were you right now.

I"m lost in contracts, my teacher SUCKS ASS! Why is it that the brightest teachers cant even teach there students the simplest things!?

Ive been reviewing since the start of the semester, but it just doesnt make sense.

So, in hopes I can get a good grade, can you please provide with 3 pieces of advice that you found benefical when you studied for contracts and how you managed to pull that killer grade.

Also, any FREE links to multiple choice/essay questions with answers will be MOST appreciated.

Thanks in advance....back to K's!

1. Go through each doctrine that you have learned this semester, and make sure that you can analyze each throughly.  For example, if you are dealing with the formation of a K, you should be able to tell what is essential for the formation of the K, and you should then also be able to analyze whether there was a formation of a K in your hypo.  In doing this you should be able to make arguments for/and against the actual formation based on the facts.  Then you should be able to decide which argument is stronger, and support that argument with some policy considerations.

2. Pick up a copy of ABS'c of the UCC for article 2.  While the UCC may be given to you during your exam, you will want to know how to apply each relevent code provision.  Some of these can get hairy, and case books generally do not present the analysis behind each code provision, instead, they just give you the provision.  In your again, you will need to provide the same thoughtful analysis as above to any hypo under which the UCC may apply.  YOu will need for/against argument, analysis, policy etc..

3. Ask your professor for past exams, and work as many of them as possible before you take your exam. 

If it matters, I aced contracts both semesters. Here's what I did.

1. Contracts E&E by Blum...a used copy from a couple years back is fine. This will be the rough equivalent of a college textbook. Read every subject in the book that is covered on your syllabus. Do the questions by writing them out and check them. If you were wrong, figure out why.

2. If the restatement and UCC supplements your prof assigned suck, get better ones. If your restatement supplement doesn't have illustrations, its sucks. You can browse the complete restatements and UCC for Contracts on LexisNexis. Try to work through the illustrations and pay attention to the commentary in the UCC.

3. Do some CALI lessons on Contracts. Go to CALI.ORG and register. You will have to get a password from your school. Look at the website, it has detailed instructions. The librarian at your school should also be able to help you.

4. Download practice exams and work them. Google search for practice exams. Many law schools have exams you can download with model answers or feedback memos.