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Confused about stuff I heard...

Re: Confused about stuff I heard...
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So the whole time I was on this board while taking the LSAT and while applying to schools, I kept seeing warning posts saying things like "Just wait, naive little 0Ls, you're not going to be this excited about law school once you get there!" or "You'll want to kill yourself after a few weeks, trust me."  I kept waiting for these feelings to kick in, but they haven't (yet).  Maybe it's still too early to tell, but I *love* my school and my section is amazing. There's softball every week and kegs on the lawn every Thursday, and generally just a very relaxed atmosphere. Our professors (for the most part) are brilliant and genuinely interested in the learning process. We even had a midterm yesterday and no one was really freaking out that much.  Should I still be wary of the possibility that I'll want to hang myself later in the semester, or am I in the clear?

I can say the same thing. Maybe next month, actually, more than likely next month we will feel it

Only thing i hate is the situation im in right now and its stressing me the hell out. But Law school in its entirety is not. Only class that im having trouble with is my Civ Pro and our TA is not that good at helping other people. Instead of just great grades, TA's need to have a good personality to along with it

We also have activities. On fridays, there's basketball and then ther's always different speakers coming to campus and food all the time. Not bad. PAD always has drinking parties at diff locations and such. There are plenty of stress relievers here of you are stressed.

Re: Confused about stuff I heard...
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You have TAs Sparky?  Wow!  We just have professors, so if we don't understand the way they are teaching us, we are just lost.  I would have loved to have a TA!