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I'm in! January 2008 at Marshall. Winter in Chicago was never so sweet!

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Second try and the only application for winter 08.
I received the letter in the mail today.  Unlike the last one, it was a little thicker.
I will be entering law school in January!  I can't wait.  This is truly an amazing day for me.  I'm 32, I returned to complete my undergrad just a few years ago and have been working at a job I wasn't terribly happy with for almost 3 years.
After getting dinged at every school I applied to for fall, I was pretty bummed.  I decided to turn around my app right away for Marshall.  I called to verify that everything was complete and the admissions lady told me that I was in the first batch to go in for review.  Furthermore, she noted that mine was the first application they had received.
I'm in!
And I don't think I could be happier.
I really can't wait...

Congrats!!! now quit your job and relax till January!

Wish i could, but the money is too good and i need to pay the bills...

Thanks though!

i am happy for you because all of us can relate to getting into that school that you really wanted.

however, please please PLEASE make sure you realistically know what your job options will be like when you enter there. i am from the area and i know many dissatisfied john marshall students.

as you must know, or eventually will find out, the entire legal institution is heavily rooted in elitism. and john marshall is very very low on the totem pole.

i wont rehash all the basic args that are all over this board. if you're resourceful enough to post here, then you're resourceful enough to have done the research.

sorry for the buzzkill, but don't get too excited about going there, and do NOT go there unless you have identified a plan in which attending john marshall actually gives you a decent shot at doing what you want afterwards.

otherwise -- and this is very solid advice for you -- wait a year, retake the LSAT's and get into depaul, kent, or loyola. that might seem like a huge setback, but i know many many many 2L's and 3L's there that would gladly push things back a year instead of being there.

think of it this way - push things back a year now, or flounder for many years after graduation. i'd retake the LSAT and go somewhere else.

Also be sure that DePaul, Kent, or Loyola will get you a shot at doing what you want to do afterwards.  And make sure you read this article if you want to work in a big firm.


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