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Doesn't this all blow? Re: the fact that one year of grades determine your immediate career. I keep telling myself that if I get my grades up, maybe get a position on journal/note published, I will have an easier time finding a job, but even if that miraculously does happen, I don't think it will help that much. I am having major anxiety issues about this and I feel incredibly inadequate when compared to all of my friends. What's even worse is that I feel jealous of my bf who is working at biglaw this coming summer. He most definitely be making more than me, he is secure with his job already, definitely deserves it, and I know its ridiculous to be selfish like this but I cant help but feel so envious. Why is it so hard to keep perspective? I am becoming this terrible person..

I think I can interview you all really think that someone in my position actually has a shot finding a decent job? i dont even know how i'm defining decent.

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i was just about to write and ask for an update.

Here is my suggest.  Give boyfriend an ultimate, tell him you will leave him if you dont get married.  That way, you will get half of whatever he makes this summer.

It does suck that so much emphasis is placed on grades.  It makes me wonder how some people out of the top 50 even fare with the job search or could even hope of paying off student loans.  I know my law school leaves very little options with the cost of tuition but to go into big firm jobs.  If it makes you feel better though, I am at a top 25 school.  I have friends on the second best journals, ranked top 15% of the class, and they still cant get a job.  These are personable people whose resumes got them callbacks at skadden and the like.

It seems like its overly competitive.  I feel for you not having the grades.  It sucks. My grades were not the best, but I lucked out this year.  Dont let the boyfriend make you feel inferior though or envious.  You probably worked just as hard as he did.  Law school is just a crap shoot, and its filled with so many strange variables. 

I am sure you will find a great job.  Start looking at medium sized firms or boutique firms in the next few weeks.  I feel like that have a better chance of transition into a larger firm.

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Do we have a chance at a decent job? Sure, but who the hell has the time to find it? I have found the leg work prohibitively time consuming.  I simply do not have the time to keep up with school work, the journal, and conduct a never-ending job search. At some point this job search thing has diminishing returns. If we invest all our time in the job search, this may be to the detriment of our grades.  Then there is a chance that not only do you not have a job, but you have another set of bad grades. Who needs that? I'm thinking about being a research assistant this summer, going abroad to study and knock out a few credits, or, *gasp* working part time as a court runner, or at the law library, or some lame thing. What more can I do. I'm going to shoot out resumes here and there, try to send out 5 per week or something. But, I'm through letting this consume my life. Like you, I have a boyfriend with the grades, an Ivy Educ., and a stellar job. He's making it and I am happy for him. I am also proud of myself to. Cheer up sister, we'll have jobs too...eventually. In the meantime, let's let the guys take us out for a nice dinner. We are no slouches either, and we deserve it!!

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thorc954 makes a good point, which might help you keep it in perspective. Imagine what the folks with mediocre grades in law schools 50-200 are thinking? They can't get jobs now I would imagine, but their job prospects for after graduation are in even more doubt than ours. We will have JDs, we will get jobs doing some legal thing or another, and we will not be houswives that sit around and let their brilliant well paid men pay for everything. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that, for those women out there on the dole. Amen.