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Who is going to FSU admitted student's day?

Re: Who is going to FSU admitted student's day?
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I have never visited FSU or Talahassee.  How nice is the city, the entire FSU campus, the law school facilities, etc..

Vixierat, can you be more specific about the fin aid misinformation  and/or what was lacking.

It is looking like I might be attending FSU and I will not be able to visit the school before deposits are due, so any information is appreciated.

The city is kinda a burg. BUT the school is right near the state house and a several law firms. While it's not a pretty city,it's not Newark either. You can be content there. Plsu housing is *cheap*.

The campus is very pretty and well maintained. The court rooms looked a tiny bit smaller than other schools,but the school is also much smaller than any of the other places I visited.

The fin. aid department gave an awful presentation. Not only did the woman speak in a monotone but:
-She mentioned Perkins loans. In very rare cases graduate students can get Perkins loans. She made it sound liike everyone was able to "apply" for them
-The $1000 grants she mentioned weren't based on just need,as she stated,but merit as well

Let me know if I can answer anymore questions for you. :)