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What are the best options for military service after law school?

I'm sure JAG core is one.  What are the others?

Do you get a better signing bonus with a law degree?

What about being an officer?

It is "Corps" and not "Core."


all military lawyers are officers (or are civilians, contracted to work for the army as lawyers on non-military law issues).  good luck with a's a competitive process and the military gives bonuses to fill slots where it has shortcomings. 


--- Quote from: ttiwed on September 23, 2007, 12:41:45 AM ---I believe Navy JAG (which also includes the Marine Corp) is the most competitive. Then Army. Then Air Force. As a Navy JAG fresh out of law school, you start off as a Lieutenant Junior Grade, which is a commissioned officer. The salary ranges from $50,000 to $60,000 depending on where you accept your commission and where you're stationed (they adjust for cost of living). Also, when you are promoted in rank, your salary will increase accordingly. The only "bonuses" that you get as a law school graduate are the same loan deferment and repayment assistance benefits that all the other enlistees get. In other words, your law degree doesn't give you much leverage in getting a signing bonus.

--- End quote ---

The Marine Corps falls under command of the Department of the Navy but there is a clear distinction between USN JAG and USMC JAG. You are either a lawyer for the Navy or the Marines.

From my experiences this summer and with other military, Air Force and Navy appear to be the most competitive. Navy is a bit tricky in that they have farmed out all of their civil law work, so there may simply be far less demand.
With how many marines and soldiers that are overseas, there is a huge demand for more JAGs on the USMC and USA side. I would guess that Army would be far and away the least selective of the JAG elements but with how distinctive each service branch is, it may just be a matter of self-selection.

Also consider how long deployments last. Army JAGs will be sitting on a 12-16 months deployed. Air Force is only 3-4. Navy appears to be 6.

Everything else from the previous post is accurate. It is worth noting that only your Basic Pay (which is standard based on your grade and years spent in service) is taxed. Your housing and food allowances are tax free. That can be anywhere from 14K-20K, and having that untouched by taxes is actually a ton of money. Health care is free, workout facilities are free, etc.

I think all military boarding schools are good, its just a matter of how you're going to absorb it. But first you need to consider your grades. Scores for the ACT and SATs are important in getting admitted into a military academy. Prepare and practice for them in order to get an above average score and increase your chances of getting into a military academy.


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