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2L Haters:-)

2L Haters:-)
« on: July 23, 2007, 03:45:31 PM »
For the benefit of a lively debate.....So, as an incoming 1L I have read and posted thoughts about prepping the summer before and getting study aides.  Being wise in the world of law school, here are my conclusions.  Obviously one can not get casebooks or supplemental casenotes to go along with the keyed casebook until one finds out what his or her specific professor wants.  This is a given.  I also agree that reading from commercial outlines may be counter productive before 1L starts. 

That being said, I have read certain chapters from my E&E's and also have used my laws in a flash cards.  Every time I mention this, some 2L goes on a rant as if I am trying to overthrow them in the race for the top of the class (as if 1L's and 2L's were in contest for some prize or job).  Now I am not doing a 1 year PLSII prep, but I am doing a 6 week or so brief over view.  Reading the basics and beginning chapters in the E&E's and also doing LEEWS.  Personally, I have found this very helpful and informative; not to mention feeling more self confident.  I have a good general idea of the basic concepts and terms covered in the books so far.  When law school starts, I feel my understanding will only enhance.  I also have been doing practive via LEEWS and find my writing becoming more organized every time. I feel that there is nothing wrong with relaxing, yet also prepping and preparing as 1L approaches.

2L's fireback when ready.....


Re: 2L Haters:-)
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2007, 04:05:28 PM »
Let us know how that works out for you.


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Re: 2L Haters:-)
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2007, 04:08:58 PM »
There's nothing wrong with what you're doing. We are just saying that we either tried that or know people who did and 6 months later you will see that it was of little value in the larger scheme of things.


Re: 2L Haters:-)
« Reply #3 on: July 23, 2007, 04:14:07 PM »
you'll wish you didn't do this in November when you've been studying hardcore for months and wish over the summer you had read a good book/gone to the beach/drank beer/ had fun instead.

Call us haters, we are not threatened by you. Especially if you are so egotistical so soon. We are trying to keep you from making the same mistakes we/other people have made. I know NO ONE who did prep in summer that came out on top of the class.

The only people I know at the top of the class that read something were those that read "getting to maybe" and they read it once school started.

If you don't want to hear 2L's preach stop asking idiotic questions that are asked every year and instead search old posts. If you talk to 2L's at school like you do hear and roll your eyes at their will find it very hard to get help from them if you have a very hard class/professor. One 2L gave me his outline and helped me understand my teacher's approach. This helped me tremendously.

Most 2L's want to help you. If you think otherwise that's your problem. They just get irratated when they come on this board and see the same 0L questions over and over again.

and yes you are still a 0L, some people drop out in the first week. you need to earn the 1L title.

There happy now?  :-*

Re: 2L Haters:-)
« Reply #4 on: July 23, 2007, 04:14:24 PM »
I think you are over-inflating your importance to the people who post here. Most of the rising 2Ls here are just pointing out that you don't need to do this stuff in order to end up at the top of your class. If it makes you feel better, then go for it. I really don't think anyone here who is not in your class really cares.

Re: 2L Haters:-)
« Reply #5 on: July 23, 2007, 04:42:52 PM »
It is really quite ironic to find supposedly intelligent people who allegedly did well in law school using anecdotal evidence to back up their arguments.


Re: 2L Haters:-)
« Reply #6 on: July 24, 2007, 07:55:56 PM »
You'll want to watch out for one thing - your exams won't be graded by the authors of E&E.  I'll just give you an example so you can see what I'm talking about.  If I had done what you had done, I would have learned a fair amount about the statute of frauds before taking Contracts.  But my prof didn't teach statute of frauds until Ks II.  So anything I might have written on the Ks I test about SoF would be wasted time - I wouldn't lose points for it, but I wouldn't get points either, and it's time I could be writing something else and getting points.  So just keep in mind that the prof is going to test what he's taught you.  Nothing wrong with getting some extra knowledge... although my Ks prof did once aphorise, "the unnecessary acquisition of knowledge is a painful thing."

I hope it works out well for you - don't sweat the "haters" - for the most part they don't wish you ill, they probably just assume what's good for them is good for you.

Good luck!

Re: 2L Haters:-)
« Reply #7 on: July 24, 2007, 08:10:50 PM »
I'm a 3L and I think you're wasting your time  ;D


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Re: 2L Haters:-)
« Reply #8 on: July 26, 2007, 04:56:07 AM »
It's fine to do some prep.  Knock yourself out.  The problem is coming onto a website and mentioning it.  And I'm sure some of these rants are cases of people giving you honest advice.

A lot of times when a 1L or 0L asks about how much their are studying or their prep work, they aren't looking for an honest assessment.  They're looking for someone to say "Wow, you're working really hard, you're way ahead of the game.  You'll probably be at the top of the class!"  And if you're coming on here to rip 2Ls for consistently telling you that you're wasting your time or this won't work (which isn't necessarily true), then you have a bigger issue: you allowed your confidence to get rattled, which won't work in a law school exam.

If you think you're doing good prep work, then trust yourself and do it, and don't care what anyone else thinks.  Because if you do, you'll only get two real reactions: doing prep doesn't necessarily mean you'll do any better when grades come out, and that you're a gunner.


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Re: 2L Haters:-)
« Reply #9 on: July 30, 2007, 12:09:48 PM »
It's really a matter of personal choice.

I read Planet Law School II, Law School Confidential, as well as some E&E's before school - plus did a 3 week summer law institute at my school - and I did very well my first year.  It mostly gave me confidence and helped me learn a bit of the language going in...I woudlnt say that it helped me actually do better in the classes. But, I dont think it necessarily hurt me either. But, I think for most people it would contribute to burnout. I'm just one of those freaks who really likes law school (most people dont!) and so to me it was fun. (And, I'm taking continuing legal ed this summer, so ha!)