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Carlisle Traffic?


Does anyone know what the traffic is like in Carlisle?  I was thinking about living a little bit outside the town.


I live outside of town (by quite a bit) and the traffic is almost never bad unless you choose to go right through the center of town.  If you Google map a little bit, you can find lots of "back road" type of routes that will deposit you right on the Carlisle Pike next to the school without having to deal with the slow moving traffic through town.

Car show traffic can be a pain in the butt, but they generally only run Friday-Sunday, every other weekend from April - October. The car show traffice runs right in front of the Advantica building, so there's no great way to avoid it (although I can tell you a couple of back routes depending on where you'll be living). Most of the time, living outside of Carlisle shouldn't be a problem. Are you looking at a particular area?

Professors and staff warn students when car show weekends are coming up.  Downtown can get pretty bad if there is an accident on 81 -- people jump off 81 and go through town.  This is also true of the Pike.  If there is an accident on the Turnpike, it will get bad in front of Advantica.

I second that - the traffic, though not always bad, can be hard to predict at times (especially on the pike). If you want to avoid it and don't mind going out of your way, I'd suggest coming in from Middlesex Road (if you live on the outskirts of Carlisle - this won't really work if you're commuting form Harrisburg). If you're coming from north of town, you can take Rt. 34 north to Middlesex drive over to Middlesex Rd, which will bring you out right behind the law school. From in town, take North Street or Louther St. east till they become Claremont Road. At the end of Claremont is Middlesex Rd. Middlesex Rd comes out onto the Pike right near Advantica.


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