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I am not sure if this is the right thread but I have a very important question regarding my criminal record and applying to lawschool.  I currently live in Florida, are about to graduate from UCF, making excellent grades and would like to apply to law school here.  Before moving here, I used to live in Virgina where I got in to some trouble.  Specifically a Felonious assalt charge which was reduced to a misdeameanor, a sale distrubution charge of marijuana that was reduced to a misdeameanor, a possession of marijuana, and a possession of underage alchohol charge.  I do have other ones but are in the process of getting them expunged.  My question basically is do you think I have a shot getting into law school?  And if I did get into lawschool, how would this affect my admssion to the bar here in Florida?  Does anyone know of other law school students that have been accepted with similar charges, etc.?  I am not trying to get into UF or anywhere very difficult where the background check is probably more strict, but are still very interested in becoming a lawyer.  Also, does anyone know of an out of state law school that is not unbelievably strict when it comes to your criminal record?  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing what anyone has to say.



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We always try to have our flame detectors on, but....

Honestly, your chances am not very good with that kind of record.


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Re: to the site
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2007, 04:21:17 AM »
Getting into law school poses much less of a problem.  As long as some sufficient time has elapsed without you getting into any trouble, and you are upfront about everything, you should be able to get into school.  Most schools don't do background checks, but you have to put this stuff on your law school application because if there are discrepancies it can affect your ability to get admitted to the bar.

As for the Florida bar, good luck.  The character and background checks for the Florida bar are, without question, the hardest in the country.  If you're really dedicated to practicing law in Florida, you might be able to do it, but it would be long and arduous, having to answer a lot of questions.  If it was me, I would look to practice somewhere else.

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Call the local bar association and ask them.  They can advise you better than anyone.


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« Reply #4 on: July 10, 2007, 02:34:08 PM »
Be honest about your past.  It shouldnt hurt you for law school admissions nor for the FL bar.  I heard from a few administrators at a FL law school, who said they know of people who have been convicted of murder and were admitted to the FL bar.  I doubt schools view a track record favorable, but a lone incident shouldnt hurt your chances too much, if at all.