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Order of the Coif - Why not Temple?


Temple Gator:
Why doesn't Temple Law have a chapter of Order of the Coif?  And, does it matter? 

The people who graduate from a member school like to list this honor on their profiles. I'm sure it's not going to have a big impact on anyone's career. But, it's frustrating to see Villanova with Order of the Coif while Temple is not a member.  Maybe the faculty at Temple have some sort of philosophical objection to the Order of the Coif.

There are certain criteria schools have to meet in order to have a chapter.

Now, why Temple has met these, who knows?  Places like Temple do not have a chapter, and yet WVU does. 

Many prestigious law schools are without chapters while some of the schools with chapters are... well.... uh, ABA approval is all that really matters, right?

It's a neat club to be in if you go to a school with a chapter.  But it's really the same as graduating with honors from any comparable school. 

yea, i dont think its a big deal.  all it is is a fancy way of saying youre in the top 5/10% or whatever it is. 

Besides, Villanova doesn't have a Freemason Temple.....and not to mention, the school costs an arm and a leg to attend.


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