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I, as some of the others posting or lurking, am a 40 something professional with a successful career. While considering advanced degree options, I dared to revisit a long suppressed desire to attend Law School. Although I have been soooo close to applying for Concord; I must reluctantly acknowledge the ABA monopoly and will in all likelihood attend a traditional Law School.

One of the crazy issues that I have discovered while researching my options are that the very same State Bars' that collectively act as the ABA gatekeepers (who claim that they are only interested in the quality of the profession and in protecting the unsuspecting public from ill-prepared lawyers) will cheerily allow convicted felons to be admitted and continue to allow current attorney's to continue practicing with minor suspensions for committing fraudulent acts and diverting monies from clients accounts...huh?

With my business travel and family responsibilities, trust me, if I could practice in any of the States I intend to retire to...I would enroll in Concord's program. It seems to be a very good curriculum with a very unique delivery method.

But, heyI can take solace in the fact that when I proudly accomplish my ABA approved goal, it will be next to impossible to get rid of me.  :)

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Well, good for you.  Always great to be optimistic.  But first you're going to have to convince your 1L Crim Law professor and the state bar that you can distinguish the crimes of embezzlement, larceny, false pretenses, and larceny-by-trick.  This is of course after you get a score on the LSAT to be competitive and are admitted to an ABA program.

Good luck!  Keep us posted.