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Has anyone gotten info on computer specifications? I currently have a PC but am considering getting a new one or possibly a Mac. Does anyone know if Mac is supported? Anyone know about education discounts for certain brands of PCs? The IT section of the website required a login and I don't have mine yet. Thanks for any info/advice.

My husband mentioned finding something about computer discounts on the bookstore web page. I'll see if I can get some more info and/or find it myself. I noticed the eLion log-in requirement from the IT page as well....not particularly helpful... :-\


This site will let you know what kind of deals are available to DSl students:

It doesn't say much about specs, but both Macs and PC's are listed here, so I think both will probably work fine.

Thanks. If they had specific system requirements I guess they would be posted somewhere, although I might email IT just to double check. I guess the main thing I'm concerned about is using Macs with the exam software. If I get a Mac, I guess I could always keep my Dell laptop for exams.


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