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Anybody out there going to Wayne?


Hi all,
I know it's just a few months until 1L starts, and I thought I'd get a new thread going.  I'm probably going to Wayne in the fall, unless I get into another school off of their waiting lists (probably some of you are also in the same boat).  I know Wayne is a great school for the Detroit area, but I plan on moving out of state after graduation if I end up going here.  Are any of you planning on practicing outside of Michigan?

Hi! I am a Wayne student. I also plan on moving out of state after I graduate to New York. I don't think I will have a problem getting a job, however I also do not plan on trying to get a biglaw job either. But I think as long as you work on your resume and not just your grades you should be able to find work outside of the state. What market are you looking to work in?


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