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Nottingham Law School -London UK

Nottingham Law School -London UK
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They have one of the best distant learning law school programms around. You donot need an undergraduate because in the UK a law degree is an undergraduate degree. It is accredited and accepted in the US as a valid law degree. I will start in the fall.  The cost is around $5300.00 if you would like to come there 5 times a year to learn on the weekends or $4000.00 if you would study all by distant learning. Also, they have a summer school study in Hongkong , Amsterdam and Berlin if you would also like to attend.  I researched allot of distant learning programs and this one seemed the most respected.

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Also if you are considering becoming a lawyer the alternative way... i would suggest the Law School Bible by Peter Loughlin, Esquire. ---Its has been very informative and I did get accepted to Nottingham.

O- Yes the Federal Governement will give you a student loan for studying in the UK.