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Big Debt - Little Results


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Um, thanks Steve.  Do you feel that the union's negative advertising has had an effect on NSU's image/admissions?  When did this campaign start?  I'm not sure that the information provided will really be news to incoming law students, but it's an interesting tactic. 

A few things are think are important to all incoming students, first of all US News and Reports has stated that Nova ranks in the top 10% in the nation with undergratuate Debt, but is a 4th tier university, in other words ranked in the bottom 25%.  Why would a student want to go to this university and spend that much more for a college that provides a below par education.  Also only 48% of the students that took the bar exam last February passed.  What does that say about Nova?  So I do feel this information is very informative to a student thinking about enrolling in a university.  Are you getting what you pay for?

This fight has been going on for 1 1/2 years and still going on.  Another fact is that the Florida Attorney General is investigating Nova's student loan pratices and I personally know of one person from Nova that was interviewed by Florida"s Fraud Task Unit.


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