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DO YOU HAVE A HOPE OF TRANSFERRING IF ..... personal transfer experiences welcom

you have bad grades

but are taking the lsat again to get higher marks

and the gmat ?

please tell me your personal experiences

so you're finishing your 1L year, have bad grades, and are going to try to take the LSAT again, and the GMAT?

Just trying to make sure I've got your situation straight.

Where are you trying to transfer to?

u r correct , yes. now , can u give me some advice

Where are you transferring to?  where are you transferring from?  What are your grades like?

Generally, I think that retaking the LSAT wouldn't help much, the LSAT measures how well you'll probably do in law school, based on your ability to reason.

Your grades measure how well you DID in law school, and I think those would tend to outweigh the new LSAT score.

But, retaking the LSAT couldn't hurt I guess.  Especially if you nail it.


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schools wont look at your LSAT score.  The point of your LSAT is to predict how well you will do your 1L year.  Since they have yoru first year grades, why would they need to look at a new LSAT score?  They already know how well you performed your first year.