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Looking for Patent Bar exams 2004 thru spring 2007 for practice runs

Anyone have any copies or know where to get USPTO tests without needing to register for a patent prep course?  USPTO stopped publicly publishing past exams in 2003.  I have not been able to locate any beyond 2003 w/o being told patent bar prep courses have them.  Can't afford that so any input or help would be appreciated.  Thanks much,


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I know starting mid 2004(?) the USPTO switched to a computerized system that randomizes through tests questions.  There are no tests past 2003 or 2004.

You should browse through this thread, some people have posted questions that frequently show up more often:;action=display;num=1092518685


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Make sure you know the 2003 tests cold, it is very common to get 10+ questions that are the exact same or very similar. Also know most of the material on, with that, you will be going into the test with a pretty good chance that 1/4 of the questions you will see are ones you have at least studied in some form. Being familiar with searching the MPEP with an old adobe version (5 or 7) and only searching by a single section at a time, will also increase your speed and searching accuracy.

The patent bar is doable without one of the expensive prep courses, but you will still need to get familiar with the material in the MPEP and its important sections, in order of importance, (102 a-g, 103 a-c, PCT, appeals/petitions, 112 1/2/6, re-examination/reissue). Without a course it can be pretty nasty, since reading straight from the MPEP for long periods of time is mind numbing, it is designed to be a precise reference book rather than well written instructional material.

If you have any detailed questions about the patent bar, you will much more likely receive a fairly accurate answer at intelproplaw rather than LSD.

Thanks members p0six & plex!  I found the sites you directed me too very helpful and enlightening.  Much appreciative of your input. Thanks & Best regards, Geo