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Has anyone else on here already started there? Is anyone starting this fall? Am I the only one who will admit attending a T4?

I'll probably be at UD

That took a lot of courage. ;)

I am at UD now and its a pretty good school regardless of the tier placement.  Also, it is important to note, that, just like undergrad, its not necessarily the school you attend but what you decided to make of it when you are there. 
There are a lot of great profs, smart students, and the building is beautiful. 

It seemed like a good law school when I applied, though at the time I didn't really believe that I'd be accepted in the first place. I know it's really important to a lot of people on the board how their law school is ranked.

I've got to ask because I'm curious: Is it tough to do Contracts II and Torts II? The course is split in two, unlike the other law schools.


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