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I'm looking for housing in Carlisle and would like some advice on where to live or where NOT to live. I have visited Carlisle just once and it all looked OK, but I'm sure there are some places one would rather not live. I live in VA now so I've been scoping out places from the PSU website and craigslist. Anyone know of areas I should avoid? I plan to line up a few places then head up to check them out.

The entire area is fairly safe.  But your best bet is to stay south of Louther Street and west of Hanover.  Essentially, there is a railine that runs through town--you want to stay south of there.  There have been problems in areas north of that line, but not many.  Students live all over, but most live where I just told you.   

I've lived in Carlisle forever - if you want to send me addresses, I can give you the lowdown. The area Kilroy described is a nice part of town, but there are far more options as well, and some that may be more convenient to the temporary facility.

PS: Depending on when you decide to come to town, I'd be happy to show you around. It would be nice to meet a fellow incoming 1L before orientation :-)

Thanks for the replies. Sorry we couldn't have met up - I was actually up in Carlisle at the first part of the week and just sort of wandered around on my own... I did find a place though - south of High and west of Hanover - that I'm really pleased with. I'll be bringing my dog so I was really excited to find a place that I liked that will let me bring him.


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