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Do all law schools allow extra time for people who supposedly have ADD?


I'm just trying to figure out if all law schools allow people with ADD extra time on their exams.  It seems a bit odd that you are ranked against these people yet they get an extra two hours to take an exam. 

I'm just wondering if I am the only one who gets a bit mad that people at this level still get the special treatment? 

I know that it is part of the ADA but are there some other requirements that people should have to fulfill before they get extra time?  It seems that all people have to do is get a letter from a doctor.


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my law school does not allow this and I've never heard of it before this post.

My school doesn't, and I have never heard of it outside of undergraduate.

My school might, and I really don't care if they do or don't.

There's enough to get mad about in the world. Honestly, I've seen the OP rant and whine about this on the kiddie board. This seems, in the great scheme of things, something that will matter less than you think. Plus the whining is annoying.

My advice for law school: concentrate on doing the best with what you got. Others will do better or worse, and you don't have any control over that. Don't like it? Law school is optional.

The school I attended last year (T4) allowed this.  I'm not sure my current school does or not.

EDIT: Just checked, my current school T1 does allow this.

Hey all.  I'm just a 0L, so I don't know too much about this, but I did read another thread on this subject (which I now can't find).  One of the people said she got time-and-a-half on her exams, but she had to go through a whole bunch of testing in order to get that, not just a letter from a doctor, and the testing cost something like $1600.

I think that's pretty accurate.  My boyfriend has ADD, and I know in undergrad they asked him if he wanted to apply for untimed tests or extra time, but it required going to like 10 visits with 2-3 hours of testing each, or some ridiculous amount like that.  He decided that he really didn't feel that he needed extra time that bad (only mild ADD).  I would assume that law schools would have a similar standard.  So I think that, regardless of your diagnosis, it probably does take more than just a doctor's note in order to qualify for extra time on tests (if your school even allows it). 

California bar exam also allows extra time for people with certain learning disorders.  I knew a guy who qualified for this and was able to pass the bar.  However, he had a hard time keepping a job because he could not keep up with the deadlines.  Giving students extra time for exams really is a double edge sword.  On the one hand they can pass a class or pass the bar, but on the other hand, they have a difficult time practicing law.

I've got a fairly wicked case of ADD.  My school may have the policy, but I've not heard of it.  ADD doesn't necessarily require more time anyhow.  You can either focus or you can't.  An extra hour on an exam for me would merely add an extra our of trying to focus on the question.

I consider my ADD a blessing anyhow.  I'm smack dab in the middle of my class rank-wise, but the sh!t my brain comes up with amazes me sometimes.  I highly recommend getting ADD if you have the chance.

Carry on.

most law schools allow it...and it feels great to have 4.5 hrs for an exam when the other students only have 1/3 of the class shouldnt be a problem if your school allows the extra time for ADD students


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i cant believe that most would since add isnt real. If my school did allow it id go get diagnosed today