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--- Quote from: cwalk on April 19, 2007, 01:46:53 PM ---I will if I get in! I called the admissions office yesterday and was told a decision had been made but I could not be told over the phone. So I imagine I will be finding out early next week.

--- End quote ---

This is a clear sign that it's not an acceptance!

I found out I'm in last week.  I'm leaning pretty heavily toward OU, but it's also hard to pass up the $$$$ of UNLV. 

Also, I'm looking for a different experience in law school and went to OU for undergrad.  Not that I didn't like it, but that I'm just kind of bored of it and want something new.  Any current students who can talk about this?

I went to OU for undergrad, long ago, and just finished my 1L year here.  I think it's a different experience -- I almost never go up to main campus.  It's very insulated down at the law center.  But I don't know how it would be to come straight from UG.

I am headed to OU Law, go class of 2010!

I just graduated from SOSU.


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