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How long to hear back?



I submitted my application late, about a week before deadline. Any ideas on when I'm going to hear back?? Thanks!!

Depends, what are your numbers? I sent my stuff in right near the deadline last year and it took about 6 weeks for a decision. (I was accepted but deferred to fall 2007).

Again, it all depends on your numbers.


My GPA is a 3.85, but my LSAT is a crappy 149.. I'm a minority + I have a physical disability, if they care about that sort of thing..

They definitely look at more than just LSAT, but I would also say that Buffalo is getting much more difficult to get into because of increased applications. I suggest that if you don't get in, try to arrange for a face-to-face meeting to see what you could do to strenghten your application. I would also suggest re-taking the LSAT. All this said, it should take about six weeks to get an answer.


Thanks Gwen, I will definitely consider that if I get outright rejected.

In the meantime, congrats to you on your acceptance!


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