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Anyone at or going to TU?

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Just wanted to see if there were any current or future TU law students out there.  I will be there this fall.

Okay people this thread has had 36 reads but no replies.  :) Are there any current students or incoming students up there?   ;D

I am currently at TU Law....Find another school! The grade curve is one of the strictest in the nation. Very few people get a 3.0 or higher. It is very hard to be competitive with law students from other schools when your curve is so strict.

I'm currently attempting to decide between Tulsa and OCU.  Taking a visit this week to Tulsa to help me decide.

I've visted both schools.  Overall, I liked Tulsa better, the people were just more friendly.  OCK has a newer building but to me that is not what is important.  What did you think of your visit?  Are you from OK?


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