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« Reply #130 on: May 10, 2007, 12:27:04 PM »
You both have good points and I'm glad I'm not the only one a little freaked out about uprooting everything I've worked so hard for here. It's not that I have never left home before or anything- I went to SD for undergrad but that was a lot different I was younger and in party mode so of course going to San Diego was just super exciting.

You assume correctly in that it has CA Bar and the Western Conference or something like that approval. It would qualify me for the state bar but would raise issues if I tried to go out of state.. I think I will still go to USD even though my family and everyone else is pressuring me to stay here. My mother seems to think I'm going to become some cut-throat take no prisoners kind of person if I go to a big school, I've tried to explain how one of the appeals of USD is that it's NOT like that (I hope! :) ) Anyway, thank you guys for your advice. I'll keep trying to psych myself up for leaving...

By the way, I think PB Bar and Grill is so overrated.. the BEST fish tacos are the grilled mahi mahi fish tacos at South Coast in OB.  ;D


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dan, what email address to you send your request for more $$ to?  how did you approach it, i'm gonna try to swindle this too before 2nd seat deposits are due

jess, i cant remember exactly what email address i used. i believe jdinfo? I didn't have a very good approach when I emailed them, just asked if they would kindly consider me for any scholarships. I didn't get a scholarship, i got a renewable grant. So, i must remail poor to keep it. I am pretty sure that I will lose it next year because I will be making too much money, but it will be nice to have for this year.

cjenifer- DO NOT attend a non ABA accredited school. It is simply not a good idea, unless the only reason you are going to law school is to understand the law (and not actually practice it). Come back to SD!

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If you want a job you need the ABA seal of approval.  Heck, look at the bar passage rates for non-ABA approved schools.  That should tell you all you need to know.

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« Reply #133 on: May 11, 2007, 02:07:26 PM »
Yea.. I first became wary when I tried to find out that school's stats for bar passage as well as incoming student's ugpa and lsats and got no direct response. They are a small, relatively new school and I think they're doing great things for this area but I don't think it's worth the gamble of going to a non-aba approved school, especially after reading all your posts. Maybe after going to USD I can come back and teach at the school here! :)


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just sent off my request for more $$$$$$$ hopefully it works!!

Good luck! And if you have better offers from elsewhere (comparable), let them know! Comparable being better/similarly ranked or other schools in SD.


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I've been putting my life into my senior project. I will probably start coming out of the woodworks in a couple weeks. Until then...


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Oh come on...we've got finals (ONE MORE TO GO WOOHOOO!!!!) and I'm still here. Hmm, maybe that's because I'm procrastinating  :P

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Or maybe people are having as much fun as I am planning and getting everything ready for summer/law school. Anyone else can't wait for school to start, if only so things will settle down a bit?

Anyway, here are some general questions for everyone:

1) Hometown?
2) What type of law are you thinking about practicing?
3) If you weren't/didn't go to USD, where would you go to law school?
4) Class you are most not looking forward to as a 1L?
5) Doing anything cool before school starts?
6) Activity you are most likely to engage in when not studying?

And to get the ball rolling, here are my answers:
1) Dallas, TX (Go Cowboys)
2) Open, but leaning heavily toward real estate. Maybe asset protection if I really like tax (doubtful).
3) Arizona, somewhere else warm and real laid back. Not really feeling any of the other schools in CA. Maybe USC if it wasn't in LA/in the ghetto.
4) Ironically, property. Heard it's kind of dry.
5) Since being a paralegal is a pretty crappy way to spend the summer, hopefully chillin at the beach for most of the month of July.
6)Being outside, enjoying a cocktail, or wii bowling.


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« Reply #138 on: May 15, 2007, 11:10:33 PM »
1) San Diego, CA

2) Patent or Construction Law....Real Estate would be pretty cool as well

3) Loyola LA or Pepperdine

4) Whichever one requires the most reading.

5) I will be working full time and studying for the patent bar; however, I will have 2 entire weeks off between graduation and starting work! woohoo. Beach time!

6) Working (unfortunately), playing IM softball, gymming.


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in the interest of procrastination:

1. Taiwan (born and raised...for 6 years) and Rancho Cucamonga where I spent most of my life...but i'm really just a giant cali whore...i've lived all over the state

2. I still don't know for sure but leaning towards crim still

3. somewhere in california

4. can't really answer this, but i'll say property sucked the most...well, maybe not...i mean, i got a lot of practice in tecmo super bowl in there

5. yes, not reading for classes

6. sleeping, skating, surfing, drinking, playing poker, watching tv/dvds