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I sense you don't like craigs?

CL should only be used for free sex. So I have been told.

Not true, I found my last place using Craigslist. It may take a while but with enough effort, you can find what you're looking for. Although I can't really say what your roommates will be like, that's always a crapshoot.


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i'm saving up money and flying out there beginning of july and getting a HOTEL room with my boyfriend.  we are going to look for a place for four days and hopefully find one, sign a lease and then drive cross country with a uhaul and move in sometime mid to end of july.  you can't expect people to find your *&^% for you, you have to do a LOT of research. i've been calling apartment complexes for the past month non stop asking about dogs, and i now know EVERY complex that allows dogs the size and breed of the one I have, it just takes a little work.  just be proactive and you'll eventually find something that suits you. 

Well it seems to me that you have oodles of time on your hands to do this "in depth" research.
Good for you. :)

I work 48 hours a week while having a 1.5 hour commute each way.  All while planning a wedding that must happen in July.  A flood happened in my area of town and flooded my vehicle, and now they are telling me that it is totaled.  Now I must find a car this weekend.  There are showers to be had, cakes to be bought, and dont forget the honeymoon.

All of this is stacked onto whatever else is going on in my life, and right now it is moving 1400 miles away from my family and friends to go to law school.  I must secure a uhaul, a dolley for one of our cars, and oh yea, pack.  Now I assume that everyone else will be doing this, but very few are doing what is listed in the first paragraph.  And I am quite certain you aren't. 

Now that you see how busy I am, does it make sense why I do not have the time to call dozens of apartment properties during normal business hours when I am working.  I would call if my job permitted.  My job doesn't even know I am going to law school.  :D

Apartment locators are in the business of finding you a place to live.  Rental properties pay these people to do this.  Why not just contact one of these services if it is free to you and forget about one more stressor in your life.  God knows I have plenty of others currently.  :)


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Damn Einstein, that sucks. The car getting flooded part...not the marriage part  :P :D


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To top it all, it isn't even my dog.. it's her dog... I am just trying to find a way to accomodate it in the move.  If I can't then it's not coming.


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And I would just like to clarify something.. I am not a liar.. all of the things I have listed above are exactly true.  If I get up at 6am I don't get to my desk here at work till 750-8am. If I leave work at 6pm I dont get to my house until 730pm.  The only reason I am commuting so far for work is so I can live in the same town as my fiancee.  Otherwise it would be totally different.

I moved to be close to her, and told myself that it will only be 8 months of hell, then law school.

Law school will feel like a vacation to me...


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d**mn Einstein, that sucks. The car getting flooded part...not the marriage part  :P :D

I know if really sucks... it was my most favorite car ever..  >:(  But everything happens for a reason.

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I live in San Diego right now.  Most of the locator services are bunk.  You'd probably have an easier time finding something off of Craigslist.

The only places that have those services are the beach areas for luxury rentals.  probably a bit out of reach with no scholarship money!

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Einstein, buddy, at least you don't have it as bad as this guy...

I've found this site helpful for just seeing what there is (though the reviewers are retarded). I realize you have zero time, but I wouldn't use a locator service without doing some major checking into it first (equally time consuming). Most of them are crooks and will abandon you the second you sign a lease and they collect their fee.

P.S. Where do you live in Dallas? Did you grow up there? I'm originally from there, which is why I ask.

P.P.S. Jess, rather than get a hotel, you can save a bundle of cash by doing a short term sublet somewhere in SD. First week in July in SD, you are gonna get robbed or be so far away that it isn't worth it.


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I am the only person with 50+ posts on this thread, who keeps giving me negative points?! :o

heh, that is pretty funny. I would give me negative repuation points as well.

And yes, I was joking about the CL and sex thing. Buuuut, I am sure some of you have read my thread on the 0L board about me and CL. If not, you're not missing out.

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No one has positive rep on this site that I've found.
I have -3 and only 23 posts.

I honestly take it as a compliment, I think most of the posters in the regular forum are awful human beings.
No one seems open to other points of view.  It's pretty ridiculous.