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Questions for Houston's 2Ls and 3Ls.

Questions for Houston's 2Ls and 3Ls.
« on: April 02, 2007, 09:51:26 PM »

I have three questions for University of Houstons' 2Ls and 3Ls:

1) What's the typical size of 2L and 3L classes?

2) How many people out of a class, on average ofcourse, will receive a grade lower than a C?

3) This is more of a question for 3Ls:  Are there any bar exam classes (classes/topics that will be tested on the Texas bar exam) that are hard to get in because of limited space?  If so, which ones? 


Re: Questions for Houston's 2Ls and 3Ls.
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1) Class size varies by time and course.  Thus, I cannot really give a "typical" example.  Evidence, Business Orgs, Oil & Gas, etc. (bar courses) tend to be larger classes (60+).  Some classes (mostly practice skill courses) are small, 10-20 students.

2) The answer varies based on class size and professor.  Class size matters due to the curve (smaller classes have higher curves, making it harder to get below a C).  Professor preference for curving matters to (some professors give only a few As, meaning they can give few Cs or lower).  The general answer is "very few" people - less than a handful, even in a large class, will generally receive less than a C.  Student services provides the grade distribution for each course/professor.

3) Business Organizations with Moll.  Secured Financing with Moll.  Most of the Bar courses are sufficiently large and offered enough for space not to matter much.

Re: Questions for Houston's 2Ls and 3Ls.
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Thank you for your reply. Is parking really as bad as people claim it to be?  Any advice on that?

By the way, are there parallel parking on campus or anywhere in the city for that matter?