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Dude, 180K?  Holy crap!  That should scare you.

Master Mech.:
Considering the July 2011 bar exam results are in and Phoenix School of Law test takers had a 61% pass rate speaks volumes!  The bar results along with a letter from Dean Mays and a former student was published.  You can find it if you do a google search. 

From a contract standpoint, PSL owes paying students a duty to teach the law, something they are obviously not doing under the present administration.  Phoenix School of Law undoubtedly has some great professors, but as a whole, they are seriously under-performing.

From a student perspective, I'd consider going elsewhere because the tuition is over $21,000 when you add in all the fees and costs, and the ABA will place their accreditation on probation, coupled with the fact that their January bar takers have historically shown poor bar performance, it is likely that they will loose accreditation.  But beyond that, it will definitely be harder to find a job with such poor performance as again, it speaks VOLUMES about the curriculum, quality of professors and most of all leadership.

Master Mech.:
Seriously, I'd consider going to a better school.  I know several students that have gone there, are there, and have transferred out.  There are other options for school in AZ.

Isn't the only other school in AZ, Arizona State, Sandra Day's school?  Are you a disgruntled student?  I'm not saying your wrong about Phoenix, btw.  I really don't know too much about the school.  61% it harsh. 

Master Mech.:

There is ASU and UofA. 

Simple google search would uncover what AZ schools there are.  Word has it University of Phoenix is going to start an online law school.


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