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Where to live?


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Where to live?
« on: April 01, 2007, 03:19:27 AM »
I hear a lot of students live at the brentwood apartments.  Studios go for about $500.

I'm willing to live in a complete sh|t-hole to save some bucks.  What are my best options?  I'll probably try to craigslist a non-psycho roommate.

Re: Where to live? - Live in a Great House w/ other Law Students
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2007, 09:12:57 AM »
Great house for graduate students, particularly law. 

Come live in this large four bedroom house in the safe, fun and quiet Lake Nokomis neighborhood, only ten minutes from downtown and the Mall of America. The other housemates are graduate students in their early-mid twenties.  Fun house and good people.

See website for more information.  You can also call or email Chris at 612-597-1684 or

Features and Facts
   Hardwood Floors
   Furnished dining area
   Closet space
   Radiator heating
   New dishwasher and range
   Municipal water/sewer
   Furnishings for rooms available (e.g. bed, desk, dresser)
   Air conditioning units
   Leather couches
   2,000 square feet of storage
   Charcoal and propane grill included
   Law library which includes: casebooks, commercial outlines/study aids and St. Thomas student class outlines
   Convenient washer/dryer
   Deadbolt on front entrance
   Ceiling fans in some rooms
   Microwave, refrigerator and industrial size stand-up deep freezer
   Furnished kitchen which includes: Steak knives, silverware, plates, wine glasses and teflon cooking set.
   2.5 car garage with door opener
   Shelves in garage
   Quiet street
   Private backyard and patio table
   4 bedrooms
   Located in Lake Nokomis neighborhood
Nearby Attractions
   Mall of America -10 min
   Downtown
Minneapolis -10 min
   UST Law School -10 min
   Downtown St. Paul – 15 min
   Super Target – 5 min
   Coffee shops and Restaurants – walking distance

Law Library 

1L Casebooks

1.   American Constitutional Law: Introductory Essays and Selected Cases (14th Ed.)
Alpheus Thomas Mason & Donald Grier Stephenson, Jr.
2.   American Criminal Law: Cases, Statutes, and Comments
Markus D. Dubber & Mark G. Kelman
3.   A Student’s Guide to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Baicker-McKee, Janssen, & Corr
4.   Civil Procedure: A Modern Approach (4th Ed.)
Marcus, Redish, & Sherman
5.   Constitutional Law (15th Ed.)
Kathleen M. Sullivan & Gerald Gunther
6.   Problems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials (5th Ed.)
Knapp, Crystal, & Prince
7.   Property and Lawyering (1st & 2nd Eds.)
Freyermouth, Organ, Noble-Allgire, & Winoker
8.   Prosser, Wade, and Schwartz’s Torts
Schwartz, Kelly, & Partlett
9.   Rules of Contract Law
Knapp, Crystal, & Prince

Commercial Outlines

Emanuel Law Outlines:
1.   Civil Procedure – Steven L. Emanuel
2.   Contracts – Steven L. Emanuel
3.   Corporations
4.   Evidence – Steven L. Emanuel
5.   Property: Keyed to Dukeminier/Krier (5th Ed.) – Calvin Massey

CrunchTime series:
1.   Contracts
2.   Constitutional Law
3.   Civil Procedure
4.   Professional Responsibility

Gilbert Law Summaries:
1.   Agency, Partnership, & Limited Liability Companies – Richard J. Conviser
2.   Coporations – Jesse H. Choper & Melvin A. Eisenberg
3.   Professional Responsibility – James E. Moliterno
4.   Property – Jesse Dukeminier
5.   Torts – Marc A. Franklin

Black Letter Series:
1.   Torts (3rd Ed.) – Edward J. Kionka

Study Guides

Examples & Explanations:
1.   Constitutional Law: National Power and Federalism (3rd Ed.) – Christopher N. May and Allan Ides
2.   Corporations (4th Ed.) – Alan R. Palmiter
3.   Evidence (5th Ed.) – Arthur Best
4.   Property (2nd Ed.) – Barlow Burke and Joseph Snoe

West Nutshell Series:
1.   Contracts, 5th Ed.
2.   Criminal Law, 4th Ed.
3.   Family Law, 4th Ed.
4.   Federal Rules of Evidence, 6th Ed.
5.   Jurisprudence (Legal Philosophy)
6.   Public International Law, 3rd Ed.
7.   Real Property, 4th Ed.
8.   Uniform Probate Code, 5th Ed.

LexisNexis Series:
1.   A Student’s Guide to Estates in Land and Future Interests (2nd Ed.) – Robert Laurence & Pamela B. Minzner
2.   Understanding Criminal Law (3rd Ed.) – Joshua Dressler
3.   Understanding Lawyers’ Ethics (3rd Ed.) – Monroe H. Freedman & Abbe Smith

Aspen Law & Business:
1.   An Introduction to Professional Responsibility – Nathan M. Crystal

Concepts and Insights Series:
1.   International Law Frameworks – David J. Bederman

Bar Secrets:
1.   Corportations – Dennis P. Saccuzzo & Nancy E. Johnson
2.   Evidence – Dennis P. Saccuzzo & Nancy E. Johnson

BarBri Bar Review:
1.   Professional Responsibility

Case Briefs/Summaries

Casenote Legal Briefs:
1.   Professional Responsibility – Keyed to Giller’s “Regulation of Lawyers: Problems of Law and Ethics”
2.   Contracts – Keyed to Knapp, Crystal, and Prince’s “Problems in Contact Law: Cases and Materials”

High Court Case Summaries:
1.   Constitutional Law – Keyed to Sullivan and Gunther’s Casebook on “Constitutional Law, 14th Edition”
2.   Criminal Law – Keyed to Kadish and Schulhoffer’s Casebook on “Criminal Law, 7th Edition”
3.   Torts – Keyed to Franklin and Rabin’s Casebooks on “Torts, 7th Edition”

Flash Cards (Law in a Flash)

1.   Evidence
2.   Future Interests
3.   Professional Responsibility/MPRE

Reference Books

1.   ALWD Citation Manual: A Professional System of Citation (3rd Ed.) – Darby Dickerson
2.   Black’s Law Dictionary: Deluxe Eight Edition
3.   Legal Research Illustrated (8th Ed.) – Ronald M. Mersky & Donald J. Dunn
4.   Writing and Analysis in the Law (Revised 4th Edition) – Helene S. Shapo, Marilyn R. Walter, & Elizabeth Fajans