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Hey everyone!

This is Matokah from the pre-law board.  I know it's still a smidge early, but I thought I'd start this thread to see who's definitely going to be attending McGeorge this fall.  Where's everyone coming from?  What drew you to the school?  When will you be relocating if  you're moving from out of town?  Any particular location in town that you plan to move to, or are you going to live in on-campus housing?

For me, I'm coming from the Midwest.  I had the opportunity to attend a Legal Scholar Day this year, and I was really impressed with everyone I met (students, faculty, and staff).  I also stayed a few days after the event to wander around Sacramento, and I really liked the city and area, as well.  I'm interested in international and public interest law (for the moment, anyway), so I think it'll be a good fit.

My goal is to move in sometime in mid-July, so I'll have to go out there in May to scope out housing.  I'm looking so far in the Arden area and potentially Mid-Town (but I've heard mixed opinions on that area, so I'm not entirely sure about it).

I think I'm probably the only one around who's decided on McGeorge yet, but I'll check back once in a while to see who else might have shown up. :)

the clash:
Congrats on the decision to attend McGeorge. I'm currently a 2L at McG and I really enjoy the school, I've had a great experience in my first two years here. My advice is to take the first year as seriously as possible, because not everyone will. It's a tough school, but hard work definitely pays off.

Arden is a nice area, although Business 80 gets very crowded in the afternoons and mornings (which is how you get there from McG). Curtis Park is pretty nice, and close to campus. The same goes for Land Park. Just be sure not to get anything in Oak Park (I would steer clear from anything south of the 50 and west of the 99). Midtown is a neat area. There are some sketchy folks wandering around at times, but overall it has the most character. The pocket area is nice, but very quiet. Natomas can be nice, but it's a very crowded ride to school in the morning and back home in the afternoon.

Also, the raft trip is a great way to start the semester off, so I'd highly recommend going if you have the extra cash. I went the first two years, and will try to make it out again this year.

Wow, I didn't even see this post until now.  I thought all hope was lost for this thread.  :D

I was actually just in Sacramento last week to search for housing, and I'm going to be renting from none other than Krisace, another LSD poster.  It's in the Arden area, and I actually never used business 80 to get to and from the school and the apartment while I was there.  I actually got lost and ended up on 50, so I just took 50 up to Howe, and the rest was history. ;)  I like the Arden area, because I plan to figure skate in Roseville and occassionally at the slightly scuzzy rink in Del Paso Heights.  Maybe I'll teach some skating lessons, too.

And yes, I'm hoping I'll be able to cough up enough money to attend the rafting trip.  I've heard so many good things about it.

If you're a 2L, you might know another LSD poster I've been keeping in touch with, because that's his year, too.  He came from the Midwest like me, and his positive experiences have definitely left me looking forward (in a twisted, weird sort of way, of course!) to law school at McGeorge.  That, and Krisace has been helpful giving me tips on what to expect.  And I have another friend who just graduated from Pepperdine who loaded all her old hornbooks (I think that's what they're called. . .Gilbert's and such) on me.  All the law students I've met so far have been pretty generous with information, and I appreciate it. :)

Yeah I'll be coming to McGeorge as well.

It came down to this school and Stetson, and I chose McGeorge because I think I want to do something with international law.

Did you really like the city?

All the homeless people kinda made me cringe


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