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Does anyone know anything about attorneys that work for private equity firms?

I know that their associates get much more money than most associates at a law firm. I was wondering if you work as an attorney for the PE firms, would their salaries be higher as well? Do they also get the huge bonuses that the associates get? Do they also have a chance to move up he PE firm, or do you have to have a business background? thanks for any responces.

I don't know much but I do know it's really hard to enter the field.  To even have a shot at one of those positions you generally need a serious business background.  In addition, most PE firms get the pick of the litter, meaning that they are hiring generally from large corporate law firms.  I know Kirkland & Ellis does only private equity M&A and they probably would be as good a jumping off point as any.  But it's nearly impossible to get a job at K&E.