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Hi guys,

    This is Penndude7 from the prelaw board. I have submitted my deposit to Temple and will be attending in the Fall. I wanted to jumpstart discussions and acquaintences among other admitted and attending (as well as undecided) applicants. We can discuss what we like and look forward to at Temple. We can also discuss our backgrounds.

I'm a 2005 UPENN graduate with dual degrees in Biology and Political Science. I have worked in neuroscience research for almost 2 years and am interested in potentially doing IP. I'm a first generation American with parents of Russian-Jewish descent. I'm excited about the trial advocacy program and the general reputation of Temple in the Philly region. Looking forward to meeting my future clasmates ;D

I'll be there in the fall.  Temple was pretty much my first choice, so I knew where I'd be attending the day I found out I was accepted.  The ASW just helped make me feel better inside about the whole thing. 

how do you guys feel about the curve there (2.85)?  I feel like its bad for grads, moreso for those looking to go out of philly after grad.

I'll be there this fall (assuming I don't get off the waitlist at UMD...who can turn down in-state tuition?). Either way I'm excited about actually having made a decision  :) ASW was pretty nice and I can definitely see myself there.

I'm also going to be there in the fall, I sent in my seat deposit last week.  I'm very excited, I got a good feel from the Open House.  I was already pretty sure I'd be going there, but I was glad it didn't feel wrong.  The only thing I didn't like was the windowless classrooms...not that we should be looking out the window during class, but I like natural light.  However, I think I can deal with it  :)

--- Quote from: JammyP on March 29, 2007, 01:44:57 PM ---how do you guys feel about the curve there (2.85)?  I feel like its bad for grads, moreso for those looking to go out of philly after grad.

--- End quote ---

Honestly, I'm not overly concerned about the curve.  Maybe I should be, but I wasn't deciding between a lot of different schools, anyway, so it wasn't a big factor in my decision.  It is what it is.  And why would you choose Temple if you're not willing to work in the Greater Phila area (or a town/small city in the mid-Atlantic/Northeast) for at least a couple years after law school?  If the region doesn't appeal to you, it's just not a good choice.


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