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Need help picking summer classes... here are my choices...


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Need help picking summer classes... here are my choices...
« on: March 28, 2007, 11:03:03 AM »
So i need to take a 3 credit summer course and there are only 4 classes available... here are my choices...

Copyright Law; Employment Law; Remedies; and Conflict of Laws...

None of these really jump out at me or for that matter really interest me, however I must take one. Any suggestions or recomendations on which class might help me the best in my future legal career? Anything that would be helpful to the bar or look favorable on my transcripts?

Keep in mind I am still not sure as to what type of law I want to do, because I know that information would help make my decision a little clearer...

So yea, any input would be much appreciated... thanks guys!


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Re: Need help picking summer classes... here are my choices...
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2007, 11:47:11 AM »
Remedies and Conflict of laws seem to me to be the more general courses, and include things you may run into in other classes and be more applicable over more areas of law.

I've taken employment law and copyright.  Employment law was helpful for me, although I didn't love the class.  Some of what we covered has come up in other courses, which is helpful.  I may end up doing some employment law this summer, so it will come in handy then, as well.

Copyright I really enjoyed.  If the professor's good, you may really like the class.  It's a difficult subject, however, and I found it to be challenging.  It was interesting because copyright is everywhere, and the cases you read really vary in subject matter.  I don't think I will ever work in copyright/IP, but I'm glad to have a little bit of background in at least one area of IP.

I would ask around about the professors and see what people who have taken these courses thought.  If I had copyright with a different prof, I may have hated it.  Part of why I didn't really love employment law was because I didn't like the prof. It can make such a huge difference.