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I wouldn't worry about your degree at all, no matter what it is.  I've noticed a SLIGHT advantage for hard-science majors, but I think that's only because... and I'm not trying to stir up any fights here... because they're accustomed to having a more difficult course load than humanities majors are used to.  Still, one of the top-most ranked students in my section was a philosophy major.  People from ALL walks of life stumble into law school, and where exactly they came from doesn't seem to matter as much as you might think.

At the end of the day, in today's environment of grade inflation and slipping standards, a Bachelor's Degree is a glorified high school diploma.  We all had more or less the same core classes... don't think that having four or so semesters of material that was different from the person sitting next to means that your brain is hard-wired differently for life.

Re: Political Science Advantage...
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Agreed with the above post.

In regard to who enters law school the most "ready" as a 1L, I don't think any major provides for that. Humanities educated 1Ls might have an easier time with the reading volume but I found that I suffered in terms of my legal writing (far too verbose, not the IRAC style Plug-N-Chug profs seem to like).

Law school ain't like nothing you have experienced. No major, Law Preview class, Planet Law School II game plan, etc, will really prepare you for anything worthwhile.
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Re: Political Science Advantage...
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Scores on the LSAT for 29 Majors..

Philosophy is at #2.