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Cleveland St., Duquesne, or IU - Indy?

Cleveland St., Duquesne, or IU - Indy?
« on: March 18, 2007, 09:41:20 AM »
Please help me decide which law school to choose! I have until April 1 to decide where to put my first-year deposit although I'm considering putting down multiple deposits because of my uncertainty.

I got accepted to Cleveland St. w/ a $4,000/yr. scholarship, Duquesne (no $), and IU - Indy (no $). I'm a PA resident, so I'll be paying out-of-state for Cleveland St. and IU - Indy. I know IU - Indy is ranked highest, but I would rather practice closer to home (I live in Western PA, 1 hr. from Pittsburgh, 1.5 hrs from Cleveland).

So I'm considering Cleveland St. and Duquesne more closely because of location. Any advice on which one is better? They both seem to have good local reputations, but what separates the two?. Also, I got wait-listed to Pitt and am waiting to hear back from Case, so those could factor into my decision too.

Any insight would be appreciated!