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Hey Guys/Gals,

My name is Josh.  I, and I know everybody else, is looking for advice when It comes to chances of admission and all of this other stuff.  As it stands now, I am drownling in a pool of applications and semi-guided thought.  So here are my stats, Im trying to get into University of Texas as a number 1 choice, number 2 I think will be Texas tech, not sure though. If anyone could tell me what I need to do to up my chances or what may hurt me, other than not having a 4.0 GPA. I really appreciate the advice, I need it!

Sex: Male

Race: White

Age: 24 (just turned Jan.'07)

Letters of Recommendation: 2 - each from 2 star Generals in the USAF

GPA:  3.65+, still thinking about retaking some course to up the GPA to a 3.7-3.8

LSAT:  Untaken, but in a rigid study program "cracking the LSAT"

Degrees Earned:
Bachelores of Business Marketing, electives being law and government (finish fall '07) Earned Abroad
Associates of Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Points of Interest and Past Work Experience:
Teaching English in Thailand for 1 year under ESL/TESOL Certification.
Fluent in Conversational Thai.
4 Years Military Service (Decorated/Deployment Experience/Dissabled Veteran/Honorable Discharge)
Under the Hazlewood act, for state funding of tuition

I take it you're from Texas and presently a Texas resident? If not, you'll have to demolish the LSAT, for starters. Otherwise, looks good for UT.

impressive resume, all you need is a strong LSAT :D

First, don't bother retaking a class unless your retake will completely replace the class on your transcript.  if the first grade still shows up at all, LSAC will still use it to calculate your gpa.

Second, don't waste your time with Kaplan or whatever company it is that does Cracking the LSAT.  Go with the Powerscore Bibles if you plan to self-study, along with doing real LSATs.

Third, head over to the pre-law side of the board, they'll have much more info re: what the current admission season is shaping up to look like, as well as help studying for the LSAT and putting together your application.

Yes, I am a Texas state resident.  I know I still need to "demolish" the LSAT still though as my GPA is a tad lower than the top eschelon of acedamia.  Thanks for the advice on retaking courses, I'll look into it.

One more thing though, are there such things as 0L law student summer/year jobs?  Ive got a good year to work with and I need a menial job as it stands now, so my thoughts were to go ahead and start getting a "leg up" on the competition and have a job so that I can survive the "in-between time until law school starts." 

Sorry to bug you guys, but the people in the pre-law side, are incredibly disorganized, plus you guys/gals have the experience.  The pre law is like talking to highschool grads just after the SAT, argh!

thanks alot guys,



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