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Follow Up Advice
« on: March 01, 2007, 07:08:32 AM »
I haven't been on here since before I started law school, but here goes.

I'm a 2L at a very good local school. I didn't do OCI because I am not top 20% of my class. I'm not going to get into deets about my class rank because it's pretty horrendous. However, I've worked on my resume through jobs, externships, clinics, and it's quite solid.

I submitted my resume online for this entertainment company in CA. They have a summer associate legal program in house. I submitted the CL and Resume on a whim, and got a phone interview in the midst of my fall semester finals. The recruiter told me everything should be decided by the beginning of February. I submitted the extra paperwork (company's) as requested, and have been waiting/following up since.

Last time I called to follow up, a few weeks ago, she told me that some of the divisions were just crawling and they were way behind, and thanked me for following up. This recruiter I think is in charge of ALL their summer programs - grad AND undergrad.

This is still a top choice of mine for summer. What's a good way to follow up if I want to call in tommorrow?