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I'm not necessarily saying that bitter is better. What I would say about my school is they tout this new cutting edge curriculum, but it's not exactly what they advertise. I would have wanted to know that inside info up front. But, the facilities can't be beat and I do feel like I'm getting a good education there. If the review provides info that swings to either extreme, then something's obviously up. I will definitely agree that law students have at least an oligopoly on complaining.

Like I said before, there's a real lack of honest information that's school specific, as well as a lack of honest info about the law school experience generally. Based on what I hear from friends and acquaintances at other schools, some things seem to be truisms across the board about law schools regardless of the school.

Here's a few:

1)The gossip and rumor mill beats even the most ferocious group of old ladies at bridge night.

This blows my mind considering we're training to enter a profession that holds confidentiality to be among the most sacred of our ideals. I'm further astounded considering this is the only place in the world where people spend nearly an entire semester learning about the infirmities of hearsay, but can't make the connection that the courtroom is not the only place these infirmities apply.

2) A large cross section of the student population is amazingly juvenile considering their age, level of education, and magnitude of responsibilities they are preparing to take on in three short years.

3) At times, the partying is darn near like being a freshman in college again.

4) People try to act humble about the fact their in law school, but when push comes to shove their more than willing to break out that "i'm in law school" card; Especially, when they're drunk and having a run in with the police. FYI, about the only thing that could make that situation worse is if you began making comments about the incestuous sexual history of the cop's mother (or if you punched him). Cops hate lawyers. They hate law students who think they're lawyers even worse.

5) Law school is not the dominion of the young Banana Republic martini set wearing eager to engage in philosophical and political debate and other discussions of high minded upper class topics. It is, however, the dominion of people who were not cool in high school or college, but are now in paradise because they outnumber the people with social skills 5 to 1.

6) This is the most important. A law degree doesn't get your ticket punched to an upper middle class lifestyle in your mid-twenties or early thirties. It doesn't guarantee you immediate membership in the top ten percent of wage earners club. It does, however, guarantee that when you graduate your friends back at home will expect you to live an upper middle class lifestyle. About two years out, they'll be surprised that you're still driving your old honda hatchback, and buying your suits from the sale rack at JC Penney all because you wound up making about half of what you thought you would when you were a 1L, and 8-900 dollars a month of that is going out the door to the loan sharks back at the law school. You wanna make more money young? Real estate or finance is the better option. Hell, you don't need any kind of degree for real estate.I've got a friend who is 23 with no college degree making 120,000 a year selling homes for a residential developer. That pisses me off ;).

7) Law school is certainly a few steps up the ladder in terms of workload and academic standards, but it is nowhere near as hard as what the popular belief holds.

8) I'm amazed at how smart some of the people are. I'm amazed at how dumb some of the people are.

9) Sometimes in law school effort doesn't matter. Strike that. Most of the time in law school effort doesn't matter. Most people can't buy an A. Even if they could and did, they'd probably still get a B.

10) At orientation everyone thinks they'll be in the top twenty percent of the class. Eight out of ten of those people will not be. One out of five of those people will be in the bottom twenty percent. A few of those people will fail out and never be lawyers while still paying back the fifteen to thirty grand they spent to find that out.

But, all in all, I think I did the right thing. There's pros and cons to everything. You get out of law school what you put into law school, and if you pay attention and play along you'll notice some very distinct intellectual changes occur. I'm happy with my choice.

Real estate sales is so cyclical though... tough to make it long term.


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That is true.