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New ABA School

I just came back from the accepted students open house and was really impressed with the school. The faculty all have practical experience in the law. They also have a new externship program in Micronesia, and there is no curve grading which fosters the schools supportive "family" type environment. My parents live in the Atlanta area so I'm saving on living costs initially, but the tuition is rather high $26,430 (f/t). I am favoring this school and will probably accept admission for Fall 2007, pending campus visits of a few others. I think really big things are to come for this school.

Eva Destruction:
Any idea who to talk to in order to get a board created for this school?

Over 26k for John Marshall?!?!

Think twice about it.  Do what ever you can to get in to Georgia State instead.  It is about 1/5 the price and the career options are much much better.  In fact, my boss this summer said GA State offers the best legal education in Georgia.  US News would disagree, but I've only heard good things about the school.

I don't go to GSU, by the way, so I'm not trying to plug my own school.


--- Quote from: eli250 on August 02, 2007, 10:20:23 PM --- In fact, my boss this summer said GA State offers the best legal education in Georgia.

--- End quote ---

This made me LOL.  ::) If you're looking for the best legal education in GA, you'll be heading to Emory or UGA.  UGA is probably the best value for your money, Emory may edge out as best overall but with a huge price tag.  Nothing against GA State, but its far from the best legal education in Georgia - and that comment has NOTHING to do w/ the rankings and has everything to do with the different programs, offerings, job opportunities, reputation, alum base, etc.

I do agree that you're much better off at GA State than John Marshall though.


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