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FREE software from Aspen Publishers that makes your notes into an outline!!

Hey all,
I am from West Virginia Univ. College of Law and I am a student rep for Aspen Publishers.  You guys know Aspen, they are the people who make Casenotes and Emanuels and other studyguides for the textbooks.  Aspen came out with new software that allows you to create an outline from your exisiting class notes!  The software is called Aspen StudyDesk.  My favorite feature of the software is that you can make flashcards and little quizzes from your notes.  So, if you have 50 definitions all throughout your notes, the software will pull those terms out and make them into flashcards.  It's pretty great, I'm a graduating 3L and I sure wish we would have had this around when I was suffering through first year courses.  You can get a 60 day trial of the software at  Try it out, it's great!   ;D