Law School Discussion

Looking for student to talk about their law school experience to the NLJ

I am a recent law graduate and now I have a job working for the National Law Journal as a reporter. I am working on a story about the high levels of depression and low self-esteem that develop in law school (depression rates are much higher than the average, and much worse than other professional schools.) I am looking for a few current law students who will chat with me about their experience in law school--whether they feel that law school has  changed them for the worse and lowered their confidence. Most law students seem unhappy and there are many studies that prove this--it is usually not just based on the heavy workload, but just on the nature of studying the law the way it is taught in law school. But if you would be interested in talking to me and being part of the story, please contact me either through this board or by email at The story will be written in the next couple of days, so please get back to me by Friday, Jan. 26 if you are interested. Thank you.