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Hey all! New time poster here looking for some advice.  In seeking 1L summer employment I am considering that I am a member of Mensa on my resume.  Some people have advised me against this, others think it is a good idea.  Any thoughts?

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definitely NO on mensa. 

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what's so bad about Mensa?

I put on my resume that 1) worked 40 hours per week in undergrad, and (2) enjoys cooking, ancient mythology and history.  Are these appropriate for resume? My career service office kept telling me they are not. 

I also use 2 addresses, school address in Illinois, and home address in NYC.  I hope this will get me more attention for East Coast jobs.  For Midwestern jobs I will just put Illinois address.  My school's career service office likewise told me this is inappropriate, that I should put only 1 address. 

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Things like you like cooking and what not should go in your hobbies section at the bottom. I think they are important becasue they are conversation starters. Every single interview and callback particularily, commented on something in my hobbies section. Good ice breaker. Just make sure you are listing things you can actually speak intelligently about because they WILL ask you about them, particularily the more unusual ones. For example, I never got asked about my love of yoga, but I was always asked about the kickboxing or the other odd thing I had listed there.

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