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Put your uniformed/bad transfer advice here!

Put your uniformed/bad transfer advice here!
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Re: Put your uniformed/bad transfer advice here!
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2.  The rank of your school is far more important than your performance and accomplishments.

3.  10 years after you graduate an employer will care more about whether your degree came from Cleveland State (T3) or Ohio State (T1) than you competence as an attorney.

Honestly-the only good advice is to make the decision that is best for you personally.  Consider all the factors: career opportunities, location, price, extracurricular opportunities (law review and moot court), etc.  Then make your decision on those factors.

Re: Put your uniformed/bad transfer advice here!
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I disagree...if you toss out the "elite" schools, then a person in the top 10% of their T3 class will probably have better opportunities than someone in the bottom half of their T1 class, especially if the T3 person participated and did well in moot court and law review.

If you are an average law student, the rank of your school has a direct impact on the quality and amount of potential employers.  If you are an outstanding law student you will have lots of opportunities no matter where your degree is from.  Maybe not more, but about the same in many cases.

You are right to a point.  The lower ranked your school, the more 'outstanding' you have to be.  And transferring might be the best choice for some people.  I didn't say that school 'reputation' was not important.  I just think that your performance is generally more important than the name on the diploma.  People should consult other sources than US News and World Reports--especially when they are thinking about giving up scholarships, law review positions, and high class ranks. 

Re: Put your uniformed/bad transfer advice here!
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Too many posts recently that have foolish advice stated as fact regarding transferring.  I'll start with my favorite...please add yours.  This way it will all be in one place and no one who wants to learn about transferring will have to read it.

1.  Law Review + High ranking at a T3/T4= more opportunity and better career options than attending a T1.

What is better...being #1 in your class at a T4 (with law review, etc) or transferring to a school ranked between 30-35 in the same town? One of my friends was in that position and didn't put in a transfer app...I thought it was a bad move not to search elsewhere but that's just my opinion.