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Hofstra v St. John's


Hofstra v St. John's
« on: January 13, 2007, 07:47:25 PM »
I applied to St. Johns and Hofstra.  I haven't received any decisions but I am predicting a substantial Hofstra scholarship and a small St. John's scholarship. Does St. John's match Hofstra?  If not, is the St. John's experience/brand worth the $$$.

Re: Hofstra v St. John's
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2007, 10:21:37 AM »
I'm glad you started this post about wieghing Hofstra vs. St. John's. I applied to both schools also and haven't heard anything either, however, it is early yet. I attended an open house at Hofstra and an info session at St. John's last week, the differences were night and day with Hofstra prevailing.

Hofstra organized a nice presentation of thier school and themselves. The first two minutes that I was there Dean Twerski was mingling with the potential students and introduced himself to me. There was coffee, refreshments, presentations by the dean, faculty and current students. After the presentations, which were impressive, we had several short tours of the campus and went back to the coffee for more socializing. I won't elborate further.

St. John's on the other hand; well it felt like a wash right from the start. After I RSVP'd for the info session I expected a confirmation e-mail, or some sort of contact with more details and directions, I got nothing. Nonetheless, I showed up to the school (an hour drive for me) at the time prescribed and was disappointed. Not only did I never recieve any follow up information, but nobody present at the law school knew anything about it. Once I did find the law school building (I wouldn't have even know it was the right building if I didn't walk around the side and see the small sign above the door 'School of Law') I walked around aimlessly for a few minutes before I found one guy who 'kinda thought' there was an info session and pointed me towards the cafeteria. Once there I located some students, a table with coffee, soda and refreshments. That was it. The students there were friendly, and although they knew nothing about the info session, they were willing to talk to me about the school and answer a few questions for me. While I waited for the info session to start, one other person showed up, that makes two prospective students. We both waited and chatted, but nothing ever happened and nobody showed up. No faculty, no reps, just me and one other prospective eating and drinking the free food. It was a disappointment and made the school look pretty bad.

There is a slight chance that we were in the wrong spot, and there was a presentation of the school going on somewhere, but again, we both RSVP'd and niether one of us have recieved anything or heard anything since, if there was a particular room or building to go to we couldn't know where that was. On top of that, nobody at the law school knew anything about it, they could have pointed me in the right direction. When I talked to some students there about the apparent washout of an info session, none of them were surprised.

As for your question, St. John's does stand a little bit higher on the rankings than Hofstra, the difference is minute though. My perception is that by the time I graduate, Hofstra will have brought its ranking up to St. John's, exceeded St. John's, or St. John's will bring thier ranking down to the Hostra level. Either way, if you can get more money from Hofstra, thats a better deal anyway you slice it. How can you predict a scholarship package anyway?

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« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2007, 05:44:24 PM »
im a current 1L at sju...    and i feel u, sju does lack in 'presenation skills'...  however, you have to understand, this is a practical nyc school not looking to offer many registration tables n free soda... rather, your gona learn NY law and earn a degree from the 4th highest bar passage rate school in the state (above brook, cardoza, fordham).. check out nalp, the diff b/w employers who visit sju and hofstra is substantial and sju has an outstanding alumni network that will have a lot more to offer u than you would have on long island..

the choice for me was easy...   but hey, i hate long island and am not into 'speculation' as to whether hofstra will someday play leapfrog in US NEWS

Re: Hofstra v St. John's
« Reply #3 on: January 16, 2007, 09:25:37 AM »
I understand, the bottom line is that we all go to law school to get a good job as a lawyer, and a law schools worth should be comensurate with the job prospects upon graduation. If the schools were ranked based on thier networks and job prospects, then the ranking game would be much easier, but its not. There are scores of elements to what any particular person will use to give weight to and rank a school in thier head, and how a school covertly presents themselves is one of mine.

Before I visited either school, the choice would have been easy for me, SJU obviously because of the rankings and thier 91% bar passage. After I visited Hofstra, thier likelyhood got stronger, then after SJU's info session, like I said, night and day. Still, it would be an objectively wiser choice to go SJU over Hofstra, but maybe not for NextL if he can get more money from Hofstra.

Bottom line again is the job prospects, which are going to count more on one's own class rank then the school they go to. So might as well go to a school with less stress, more scholarship money, more faculty attention where you will be happier, thereby focusing more on your work and doing better overall.

That said, SJU is on Long Island? Whats the disctinction you make that places St. John's not on the island?

Re: Hofstra v St. John's
« Reply #4 on: January 16, 2007, 02:58:43 PM »
As someone who lives on the Nassau/Queens border and has visited both campuses (and applied to both), I can tell you that St. John's is much more similiar to Hofstra than to any other NYC law school. Foremost is the simple fact that they have a campus, as opposed to Brooklyn, Fordham and NYU (and presumably Cardozza and NYLS). Hell, if you spit hard from the Nassau county line, you can hit the St. John's campus.  ;)
Seriously though, when I attended an event at St. John's back before xmas, I was impressed by both the facilities and the comfort level I had at the law school. Hofstra wasn't bad, but it really felt more like undergrad than a real law school, whereas St John's had a more seperate feel (perhaps that was just my own experience). They had someone from the admissions office give a guided tour... unfortunately because it was during finals, there wasn't too much to see in the way of student activities... just a bunch of stressed out faces crammed in law school books. ;)
If it came down to money, I think that the better standing, reputation and bar passage weight outweigh a few thousand bucks more or less. It's not like you're comparing a free ride vs no money at all...
Good luck,

Re: Hofstra v St. John's
« Reply #5 on: January 16, 2007, 03:02:30 PM »
Right I knew that, I live on LI, but it seemed like Dave111 was implying that in respects to location, Hofstra being on LI and SJU being 10 minutes away on LI but actually in NYC gave SJU a better location. They are both on LI, and are both a short distance from Manhattan (which is what we really mean when we say NYC).


Re: Hofstra v St. John's
« Reply #6 on: January 17, 2007, 08:11:03 PM »
There is a slight chance that we were in the wrong spot,

I think we went to the same info session last Thursday.  If you went in through the main entrance (ground floor) there was a 8.5x11" piece of paper that said go to the 2nd floor Moot Court Room.  There they held an introduction from admissions.  The attendees later split up and took a tour, law review students were the guides.  Afterwards the student, applicants and Admissions officer met up in that place where you found the free cookies.  You might have left by then.    I am sorry you missed out on all of that.  There is another one tomorrow if you want to go.  Dresblues did you get an email today about an external scholarship from SJU?

I am guesstimating on my chances and scholarship odds based on LSAC and LSN.  The commute to St. Johns will be a one hour hike for me too and Hofstra is just 10 minutes away for me. 

Re: Hofstra v St. John's
« Reply #7 on: January 18, 2007, 12:05:58 AM »
Well thanks for letting me know that St. John's didn't drop the ball. Me and the one other guy getting the free food found no papers, or direction at all. I showed up at 5 and we stayed until 6, it was supposed to start at 5:30. I am a little dissappointed now that I missed it. Unfortunately I can't go tomorrow either. 

Crap thats funny too because me and the one other "lost" prospective thought of that possibility; there was some instruction to go somewhere else, or upstairs, and there was a presentation going on while we sat there thinking it was a wash. We should have stayed longer.

But, I must maintain my own defense, instructions were not clear or readily available, plus people inside the building, students etc. had no idea what to tell me.

No I did not get any e-mails from them about scholarships, however, I didn't request any information because I already have a full scholarship. I thought hofstra and St. John's were closer than that, they are both about an hour for me coming from eastern LI.


Re: Hofstra v St. John's
« Reply #8 on: January 18, 2007, 01:48:52 AM »
Hofstra is right next to Queens but with the traffic it is a bit of a hike to

Re: Hofstra v St. John's
« Reply #9 on: January 28, 2007, 06:47:15 PM »
Also a 1L at SJU.  Dave111 is on the money pretty much.  However, I went to Hofstra for a Barbri review and I thought it didnt look/feel as nice as SJU.  Maybe I didn't see everything, who knows.

And to answer the OP's question, yes SJU will match hofstras offers.  Well at least they did last cycle.