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Hofstra v St. John's

Re: Hofstra v St. John's
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ehh sorry thought you were responding to me..

all the other stuff it doesnt really matter much to me, i was just explaining where i got those numbers from, and nalp is a seemingly well informed third party which isn't serving any agenda's so i thought it seemed reputable the numbers they had for other schools seemed to be in the right ballpark...but whatever no big deal

Re: Hofstra v St. John's
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 ;D no be quite honest i don't trust anything having to do with law schools anymore...they all lie and try to make themselves sound really good.  It is unfortunate. 

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I think this board is for why St John's is the RIGHT choice, not why Hofstra is the WRONG choice. As for why St. John's is the right choice for me, among other reasons, was the scholarship offer. St John's offer, while not nearly as generous as Hofstra's, is easier to maintain. St John's requires you to remain in the top half of the class. Hofstra requires a 3.25 GPA... which closer to top 1/3, according to their website. ( GPA of 3.0 - 3.2) Granted, my math isn't very exact, but good enough to demonstrate that you're less likely to maintain that scholarship at Hofstra than at St John's. The second reason why St John's is the right choice is the NYS Bar Passage rate. St John's has a 90%+ NYS Bar passage rate. Hofstra's, however, is below the NYS average. To me, that says something about how well they prep their law students.
Those are two of the top reasons I'll be at St John's this fall...
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agreed.  I however have also heard that st. john's passage rate is very high because they force lower ranked students (say bottom 25%) to take the test in feb. and not july (aka, outside the USNWR rankings).  Whether this is true or not, i dunno, i don't go to st. john's so it never concerned me.  however, you pass the bar if you're a good student (99% passage rate at hofstra if you're in the top 50% and im sure the number is the same at st. johns). 

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I currently attend Hofstra and am going into my third year. I have enjoyed my time there, and would not have made a different choice. I have had many wonderful professors, and have a great summer associate job. Is my experience different than many Hofstra law school students? Perhaps. I am fortunate enough to have had decent grades and be on Law Review. Most of my classmates are doing just fine, even though they're not in a large law firm. Quoting my cousin, who is a major partner at a major law firm, "Outside of the top tier, it doesn't matter where you go to law school - just kick ass no matter where you're at." 

As far as the GPA for maintaining a scholarship, it is now a 3.25. When I got my scholarship, it was a 3.0. But with the new forced curve being roughly a 3.1, it's not too bad to maintain.