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In Need of Advice

In Need of Advice
« on: January 12, 2007, 01:35:47 AM »
Hello, need some advice on possible 2L transfer this Spring. I'm a student at a tier 2 (SLU) school, had a rocky first semester, but have bounced back and have been doing pretty well since. I originally got into a tier 1 (Case) but never went because they notified me of admission way too late.

I have basically gotten into the school as a transfer for Spring admission. My question is is it worth it despite being pretty comfortable now in my original school. There will also be a lot of last minute decisions, housing, having to basically start all over at Case and Cleveland, etc. Is it worth all the fuss because the decision on my transferring is going to come in late yet again. Basically I have a second chance, really want that upward climb to a better ranked school, but I've become comfortable where I'm at.

I want to do health law and care for the east coast more than the midwest to tell you the truth. I also am more worried about job placement, gpa, class rank than anything else. Can anyone tell me the mean gpa at Case? What do you think of Case? How are the students? How is the atmosphere? How are the professors? The thing is, I am comfortable at my original school but still have that unusual yearning to move upwards. Do I go through the pain of a lot of last minute shuffling now, wait another semester and try to transfer (always that risk I f**ck up in a class at SLU) or just forget about it and stick it at SLU.

I need your honest opinions on this one. Tell me what you would do and why. I'm really in a rut as these next couple of days I have to make huge decisions that will obviously change my path in the law and life. I really appreciate your time and consideration in your posts. I will not be able to reply to you guys, but trust me, I will be reading. Thanks a lot.