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How many people have not told you to go/tried to scare you away from LS?

12 (16%)
14 (18.7%)
16 (21.3%)
Seems like everyone I meet
17 (22.7%)
I haven't noticed and/or given a *&^%.
16 (21.3%)

Total Members Voted: 59

Does your school post grades in time for you to drop everything and get a refund

My school doesn't.  Grrr.  So, if I want to predicate my attendance on my performance first semester, I have to drop all classes, take a year-long leave of absence, and restart in Spring 08.  I'm curious how common this is throughout all the law schools.

How about indicating what tier or school you go to after voting.


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I go to an "underdog" school as my crim law prof. puts it



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i believe we get r grades back in time to drop out and get a refund. we dont have alot of time to make the decision though.


We don't get our grades back in time to drop everything and get a refund. Jerks!

4th tier

last year at 4th Tier, grades came back too late.  This year at T1, grades already in and drop/add is still going on until Friday