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Hello all.

Just thought I would start a thread for Fall 2007 admitted students (decided or undecided).  For those who have decided Ave Maria is for them, what helped with your decision?  For those still unsure, what are your reservations and what other schools are you considering?

Hey there, I'm currently a 1L. Have you decided to come? What other schools are you looking at, any questions i can answer?


--- Quote from: sehrwunderbar on January 05, 2007, 05:39:16 PM ---Hey there, I'm currently a 1L. Have you decided to come? What other schools are you looking at, any questions i can answer?

--- End quote ---

I haven't made my decision yet.  I am looking at most of the law schools in MI, as I will be commuting.  Ave Maria has offered me close to a full scholarship, MSU has offered me a full-ride, UDM offered me about 60% scholarship, and I'm waiting to hear if Wayne State will give me any $.

The things about AMSOL that appeal to me are the awesome faculty, small student body, opportunity to be "the start of something new", large # of married students, etc.  However, I am very concerned with the Board of Directors drama concerning the move to Florida.  I know they made the promise to your class that they wouldn't move before graduation...I'm kinda waiting for a similar promise to the class of 2010.  

What are your thoughts about this?  How has your experience been so far with the school in general?

My experiences with the school so far have been awesome. I really like it here. As far as the FL thing goes, yeah, it's kinda high drama, lol, but it's wierd, it comes and goes as day and night. If noone's talking about the move then noone's talking about it, if you know what I mean.

As far as the classes and everything I would say they are top notch. One of the kids in my class has a friend at Wayne State I think and he said that after talking with an Ave Maria 1L he can tell that we learn much more and have it tougher as far as standards and such. I hope that was a compliment, but it made me happy to know that :)

Anything else you'd like to know?

What is scheduling like - ie if you are in Contracts MW @ 2:00pm does that pretty much dictate every other class time you have? Are there sections like at larger schools? 

Has there been any information about when they are making a final decision regarding the move?  I imagine the on-going debate would be unsettling for current students as well as prospective students like myself.


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