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Hello all.

Thought I would start a thread for Fall 2007 admitted students (decided or undecided).  For those of you who have decided on Wayne State, what are your reasons?  For those undecided what are your reservations and what other schools are you considering?

Hey Molaw,

I know we have talked in other rooms.  I have been accepted and am still undecided but about 80% sure I will go to Wayne because of scholarship offer and placement in Detroit firms.

I was accepted but will most likely go to University of Detroit Mercy instead. I'm from Atlanta and not planning to practice in Michigan (just going there for family reasons), so the Georgia people don't know the difference between the schools in terms of rankings.  The Admissions people at Wayne State have been so stunningly incompetent and unprofessional that I can hardly describe it.  Last week on Monday, I received my first notice of their "Open House" for admitted students. I booked a last minute flight to go that weekend ($224) to help me choose between the schools.  When I got there, it was spring break -- no students or faculty around for me to talk to. WTF?!  They didn't even have a TOUR planned!  Not to mention all of my unreturned phone calls and emails.  I don't know if I would like it or not b/c the school hasn't given me any information, but my question is, "why would you NOT want prospective students to talk to your current students?"  Whatever the answer, it can't be good.

Hey Rufusowner,

Did you apply to MSU?  If you are going back to Georgia, I am sure that they at least know MSU because of their sports.  I am sure no one knows about Wayne or U of D Mercy and therefore you might at least get some recognition with MSU.  Furthermore, they give out more money than U of D Mercy or Wayne. 


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