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OH please oh please help- t3 to t2

OH please oh please help- t3 to t2
« on: November 15, 2006, 05:46:44 PM »
Ok, here's the deal.  I want to stay in Cleveland, due to things like family, boyfriend, etc.  We have 2 great schools.  We have Case Western, ranked #51 and Cleveland Marshall, a tier3.  However, CSU is on the rise, they are improving for sure.  As far as bar passage rates, CSU was 84% and Case was 86%. Not to shabby. Plus CSU had more grades (150 to case's 90) and their percentage went up about 9%, and this class wasn't even the class that they really began imprelemnting their stategy to up their reputation.  Basically, I am curious if it's worth it?  Top of the class at rising t3 with great regional reputation (I want to stay here anyway) or #51 with similar everything except ranking, and twice the tuition.  Case is seriously up there in terms of tuition- 35k a year.  CSU is 15k and I will have scholarship money factored in too.  Thoughts?

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Your in an interesting situation an here's what I would do: The reason we all go to law school is to get a good job.  And something that most incoming students neglect to do, myself included, is to scrutinize where people are getting jobs out of their prospective schools. You should absolutely call Career Services at each school and get the following breakdown: 1) the % of graduates emplyoed within 6 months of passing the Bar; 2) the % going into each sector of employment; 3) and the % of graduates going into firms sizes 2-10, 11-25, 25-50, 50-150, 150-250, 250+. 

The latter is likely the most important thing to look at as it will let you know the chances of getting a ver high, high, medium and low paying private sector job out of each school.  Many people choose schools which offer scholarships only to save 40K in tuition over three years, while if they had just gone to the larger more prestigiouos school they would be making up that difference less than one year of work depending on the size of the firm they go work for.

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Listen to Krisace on the money issue.

The bar passage rates really don't mean much of anything other   than which school has the most students with the discipline to study hard for the bar and/or the money to pay for the BAR/BRI & PMBR prep.

If you want to stay in Cleveland, I suggest you go to the school with the best rep in Cleveland. However, a lot of this depends on what you want to do. If you're dead set on private firm practice, I would suggest Case because the name means a lot in private practice, unless you're absolutely positive you'll be near the top of your class at CSU.

I'm going to be a ton in debt when I graduate, but I intend to roll my debt into a mortgage where I can pretend it's not there.

If you're asking for opinions, definitely go with Case.

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I think they both have a geat reputation.  At Jones Day here there are an equal number of graduates.  I also noticed that as far as firms interviewing on campus, it seemed that CSU had more from the area?  Case had more interviewing, but a lot were from firms looking to hire at multiple offices and from Pittsburgh and Michigan cities, etc.  They seemed to be from out of town for the most part.  It also seems that CSU has a ton more alumni here, since most Case grads (70% I think) are from out of state.  CSU also has a ton of people in government positions and political office, it's crazy!  I kind of feel like it is just such a toss up...

As far as being towards the top of the class, I definitely think it's possible.  I have always done really well in school, I have a 3.94 gpa from a local college even though I have been working full-time as a paralegal for the last 3 years and taking classes full-time, and at a couple points, even more than full-time.  So since I won't be working during law school, I think the time I can devote would be huge.  I also kind of thought maybe those years of experience (not too much, but more than the avg. grad) will put me in a better position.  But like you guys said, Case's rep is national and respected.  But I will DEFINITELY talk to the offices regarding where their grads end up!  Thanks for the advice, and feel free to add!