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this is about money

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« Reply #20 on: November 22, 2006, 11:12:46 PM »
if you're going into law to make 7 figures, you're doing it wrong.

you can do that without any degree if you're skilled with people and have drive/ambition.  I know real estate agents without college degrees who hit $1-2 mil a year easily, although it's not as stable of a career.

If youre looking for money to make you happy though, you have some other issues you need to look at.  I agree, not having enough can be stressful, but having enough so you dont have to worry about it is not bad either.  Think about all the things youre gonna buy with your money.  The house, the cars, etc.  Now realize that you cant enjoy them cuz youre working so hard, and you have few friends and family left because you made money your #1 priority.  Not so great now is it?

Do something you like.  life is too short to worry about becoming materially rich.  most people who need "stuff" are usually empty on the inside anyway.  i'd rather be poor and satisfied than rich and miserable/empty.